Why Exercise is Important If YOU Suffer from ED?

It’s a given that exercise is important not only for your overall health, but also a crucial step toward reducing your ED symptoms.

Just don't expect to hear this sort of stuffs from big pharmaceutical companies who are selling you erection pills every month. The fact of the matter is that they’d just as soon see you not do anything to lessen your symptoms of ED so you’ll keep buying their tiny blue pills very month.

In a nutshell, physical exercises are not totally sufficient to eliminate ED for good, but it can help minimize your ED symptoms.

Why Hitting the Gym Improves Your ED

The main root cause of erectile dysfunction is a circulatory problem. It’s all about blood flow to the penis. Think about it: What is it that triggers your penis to become hard when erect? The answer is  sufficient amount of blood flow that runs to it.

So in other words, the better your circulation and the more blood that flows into your erectile tissue ( corpora cavernosa), the firmer and more powerful your erections will be.

According to webmd, erection starts in your brain that sends chemical messages to the blood vessels in your penis with your senses - sight, touch, smell, and hearing. Your arteries relax and open up to let more blood to flow in and at the same time the veins close up. So once the blood  traps within the corpora cavernous chamber, your penis expands and keeps the erection.

And that is the reason why some exercise routines are way better than others at minimizing ED symptoms. Particularly, what you want are cardiovascular exercise routines.

Indeed, you want to work up a sweat that really gets your heart pumping. Cardio exercises for 15 minutes a day, three to five times a week is highly recommended workout routine to help eliminate ED.

When you get the hang of your cardio routine, gradually increase your duration, and the number of days per week you’re working out.

That's pretty much a good advice, but I'd like you to incorporate an additional wrinkle to that.

For begineers, KEEP your cardio exercise to three days a week and gradually build up the duration of time you devote exercising.

In addition to your regular cardio routines, if you find a sport you enjoy the most such as kayaking, basketball, soccer, running, hiking, or whatever it is...just make sure it's something that you enjoy and passionate about.

Why You Need To Exercise when you have ED - ED Reverser

It is important to find your likings in sports, and something that you are passionate about it. When you love what you are doing, you'll naturally be inclined to more of it.

If you find some sports that you really like, you'll be supplementing your cardio with your new sports activity so that you don't need to bump up your  exercises to more than three times per week.

Take into account this to be your “sweat equity.” Perhaps this could be your equity you put into living a longer, much healthier life. In a positive note for that sweat equity, you’ll get a healthier heart and lungs, better circulation, more vitality, more stamina, and if you are suffering from ED, you’ll discover a marked reduction in your ED symptoms dramatically.

If you don’t have erection problem, a good workout program won’t guarantee that you’ll never experience difficulties in the long run, but if and when you do, they’ll be much milder than they normally would have been.

There are reasonably handful of people outside of “gym rats” who love hitting the gym, so look at it as your lifetime investment. That is why I used the term “sweat equity.”

I just want you to think of it in precisely the same terms as financial investments you make in your future. If you can set yourself in that state of mind, and if you supplement your regular cardio exercise with a sport you really enjoy, you’ll be much most likely to stick with it, and consistency is key to success.

However, the only kind of exercise that you need to avoid is bicycling.  There’s no question that it is an excellent way to get in shape, but it has one small drawback.

Studies have shown that spending a lot of time bicycling can lead to an increased the risk of prostate enlargement or the worst case scenario is prostate cancer.

In addition, cycling can cause numbness in the penile region which while not quite the same as ED symptoms, but can definitely reduce the quality of your erections.

In addition to cardio-based exercises and any regular exercise routine, it is important to warm up first like light stretching.

Stretching prior to exercise routine is a great way not only to tone your muscles, but also prevents you from any injury.

The bottom line is simple: Physical exercise is not just good for your general health, but it’s also great for your sexual wellness.

If you’re truly interested in keeping an energetic sex life well past your forties, when men normally start experiencing sexual problems, then you’re going to commit to yourself to make regular exercise an important part of your daily regimen.

In conclusion, the most important thing here is to make sure you pick a sport that you’re truly passionate about it because that tends to make it stick with it effortlessly.

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